Dotty’s Reveals Details about Data Breach Incident

Owned by Nevada Restaurant Services and Craig Estey, Dotty’s reportedly was affected by a malware cyberattack. Dotty’s operates some 120 gaming venues in Nevada and has approximately 300,000 players in its database. The operator acknowledged that some users’ data, such as names or dates of birth, may have leaked earlier this year.

Dotty’s Acknowledges a Data Breach

Dotty’s, a company that runs some 120 gaming venues in Nevada, has reportedly suffered a data breach. Owned by Craig Estey and his Nevada Restaurant Services (NRS) company, it seems that Dotty’s was the victim of a cyberattack related to malware earlier this year. Dotty’s data breach was first unveiled last week by Vital Vegas, a website run by Scott Roeben. Roeben himself revealed that he was “tipped” about the breach by one of his Twitter followers named Zach D.

Although the issue was identified in January 2021, it seems that affected users are just now receiving notice that some of their details may have leaked. Furthermore, a Notice of Data letter under NRS dated July 1, 2021, acknowledges that some private information belonging to Dotty’s customers may have been affected by the incident.

Such information may include driver’s license numbers, names, or dates of birth. Currently, Dotty’s database holds the personal info of some 300,000 players. With that in mind, NRS did not reveal how many users were affected by the discovered data breach.

Breach Investigation Details

NRS explained the data breach incident in a letter, saying that in January this year, it found that malware software was present at some computer systems within its environment. Consequently, the company began an investigation, aiming to determine the nature of the incident, as well as to secure its network.

“In January 2021, NRS identified the presence of malware on certain computer systems in our environment,”

explained Nevada Restaurant Services

The company said that the investigation determined that “an unauthorized person accessed certain systems” within the NRS network. Furthermore, the company acknowledged that that unauthorized person had copied certain information from those systems on or before January 16 this year. After further review and analysis, the NRS found that some users’ data may have been affected. Users have confirmed to Vital Vegas that they received a letter from Dotty’s about the breach, but indicate that they were only recently informed – months after the apparent attack.

NRS Tops up Security Measures

Considering the discovered data breach, NRS assured that security measures already in place are focused on protecting the clients’ data. Furthermore, the company revealed that it has taken extra technical methods to safeguard its digital environment. The NRS encouraged its customers to “remain vigilant” against identity thefts and frauds by regularly reviewing their account statements. Furthermore, the company offered complimentary access to its “credit monitoring and identity theft restoration services, through IDX.”

“We have security measures in place to protect the information in our care, and we have worked to add further technical safeguards to our environment.”

Nevada Restaurant Services

This, according to NRS, will provide an extra layer of security for the users that want to take advantage of it. With that in mind, the NRS explained that users that want to participate must enroll themselves, as the company cannot launch that option for them. Last but not least, the NRS apologized for any inconvenience or concerns which the data breach incident may cause.